UFE's E-News October 2008

Special Issue:

Economic Inequality - Still a Political Hot Potato



The fledgling movement for fundamental changes in our economy is starting to take off. Coalition conference calls are buzzing like never before. Requests for our workshops and other tools have shot up, as have visits to our website. We're psyched!

And we're responding. We hope you've seen our bailout resource page, which we're keeping updated. We're also creating a new workshop that puts the current economic crisis into our rules-based analysis to help participants to see what could be changed
if they engage and stay engaged.

And we're planning much more, because as exciting as this moment is, we know that fundamental changes depend on people mobilizing and putting pressure on those in power to focus on what's important.

As a small step towards that goal, today we're publishing a position paper that exposes key aspects of what the major party Presidential candidates are missing about what's wrong with our economy. We believe that as a result, they're also missing key fundamental changes that are needed. It's called, "Economic Inequality: Still a Political Hot Potato." We hope you find it helpful. Please share it widely.

As these next few months play out, economic justice activism will have a major opportunity unseen in our lifetimes. How successful this effort will be depends on all of us doing the most we can. That's our plan. We hope it's yours as well.

PS: One quick, easy way you can help us if you're a Working Assets/CREDO customer is voting for UFE on this year's ballot. [See:http://www.workingassets.com/Voting/Default.aspx]


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